Ullal: Fishing boat drowns at sea; 6 fishermen missing

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Ullal: Fishing boat drowns at sea; 6 fishermen missing

Mangaluru(www.kasaragodtimes.com 01.12.2020): In an unfortunate incident, a big purse seine fishing boat that had ventured on a fishing expedition reportedly drowned at sea, several nautical miles away near the western part of the sea at Ullal. The 6 fishermen on-board are allegedly still missing.

The fishing boat by the name ‘Shri Raksha’, which belonged to Prashant, a resident of Bolar, had ventured into the sea for a fishing expedition before daybreak on Monday. There were reportedly 25 fishermen on the boat. The crew had successfully caught a large number of fish and were recovering the dragnet at 6.30 PM to wrap the day’s work when the boat reportedly capsized due to the ferocity of the waves.

As the purse seine Commercial Boat is largely composed of steel, it has steeped into the ocean. Out of the 25 fishermen on-board, 19 of them have safely reached land. The fishermen’s leader Nitin Kumar has told ‘Vartha Bharathi’ correspondents that there is a possibility that the remaining 6 fishermen, who are missing, could have been caught in the dragnet.

On Tuesday, several boats were dispatched to the site of the accident to help in the search and rescue operations undertaken to find the missing fishermen. Sources reveal that the rescue operations are still underway.